The Leading Siding Installer in the Puget Sound Region

The team at Eagle Creek Siding has been helping local and regional builders with their siding needs for the past 35+ years. We’re trusted in the community for our reputable work, our commitment to excellence and our quality products with competitive pricing.

Our team focuses on both single-family homes and multi-family projects for your convenience. Whether you’re a homeowner needing to replace siding or a builder who needs a large-scale team for a housing development, Eagle Creek Siding has the capacity and know-how to take on any job!

Award-Winning Siding Installation Services

We feature James Hardie® products and are proud to be part of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance™ program, which gives us access to training and education on siding installation best practices from the industry’s leading fiber cement siding company.

Eagle Creek Siding provides the largest group of trained personnel, installers and equipment in the area for your siding needs. We’ve sided over 60,000 homes in western Washington and bring you the expertise we’ve gained with every job.

Our team also has an unwavering commitment to safety. Whether we’re working on your personal home or at a construction site, we take safety seriously and provide the necessary training and support our crews need to prevent accidents and protect your property. We’re proud to have won the National Association of Home Builders Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE) as a result of our efforts.

Other Exterior Services We Offer

Eagle Creek Siding also offers window and deck installation services for homeowners in the area. We’re proud to have expanded our exterior services to provide homeowners and builders with the expertise our years in business have afforded us.

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Our team at Eagle Creek Siding is here to deliver professional siding installation and other exterior services with the utmost safety, skill and expertise. Contact us for a complimentary estimate for your next siding project today at (360) 570-0396, or submit this contact form and we’ll be in touch!