We Repair & Install Decks in the Puget Sound Region

Have you been considering an outdoor addition to your home to enhance its curb appeal, value and usable space? Eagle Creek Siding now provides professional deck replacement and installation services for our customers!

As a deck installer, we provide custom deck solutions so you can enjoy your home even more and meet your outdoor living needs. We’ll work with you to discover your wants and needs for your new deck and expertly design it so that it perfectly blends with your home.

Our team also provides services for decks that need to be restored. We can assess your deck for structural deficiencies and replace boards, railings and stairs.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Deck

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your home’s deck, the following signs could mean you need a replacement sooner than you think:

  • Sagging. If your home’s deck is visibly sagging, it is likely structurally unsound.
  • Fading. Fading color isn’t only unattractive, it could be an indicator of a deck’s advanced age.
  • Missing pieces. Missing components on a deck could be dangerous and necessitate a repair or replacement.
  • Insect damage. Termites, bees and other pests can ruin wooden decks, leaving damage for you to take care of.
  • Rot. Rot should always be fixed in a timely manner to prevent accidents.
  • Water stains. Water stains could indicate structural damage to your deck.

Decks that have sustained damage, whether from age or from inclement weather, should be evaluated as soon as possible for repairs or replacement. When you get in touch with our team, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your deck to help you determine what you need moving forward.

Let Us Give You a Free Estimate!

For new construction homes, existing homes and multi-family projects, Eagle Creek Siding is here to help with deck construction. As a deck installer, we offer comprehensive solutions to the Puget Sound region. Contact us for a complimentary estimate today by calling (360) 570-0396, or submit this contact form to learn more!