4 Areas of Your Home That Are Susceptible to Heat Loss


It’s virtually impossible to make an entire house air-tight. With that in mind, it’s understandable for your home to leak a little heat or cold air here and there. However, large amounts of heat loss or cold air leaking from your home will cause your energy bills to increase, which is definitely a problem. Therefore, as a homeowner it’s in your best interest to learn which areas of your home could be leaking heat this winter.In this article, siding installation professionals Eagle Creek Siding, LLC list the four areas of your home that are most susceptible to heat loss, as well as how to stop it.——————————————– CONTINUE READING ——————————————–The Roof – Heat can rise to your attic, but unfortunately if your roof has leaks, holes or poor insulation, this heat can easily be lost. This in turn will cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should, and your monthly bills can easily increase in the process. Thankfully, the fix for this is simple: get a professional to seal those cracks and holes and increase your attic insulation. By doing so, you can make your home more energy efficient than it was before.Outlets and Switches – It might surprise you to learn that drafts can enter your home through outlets and switches. Once again, the fix for this is fairly easy. In fact, all have to do is plug them up with an insulating cover known as a foam gasket. However, keep in mind that this is a temporary fix, and you should get an expert to actually find the source of the draft and fix the issue.The Walls – According to research, at least 35% of the heat that your home loses is lost through the walls, often due to poor insulation. Unfortunately, this type of heat loss is also the hardest to fix. Thankfully, you can rectify the situation by tearing down your old walls and improving your home’s insulation. Additionally, if you’re planning to replace your siding anyway, consider installing insulated siding on your home with the help of the siding replacement experts of Eagle Creek Siding, LLC.The Windows – In addition to the walls, the windows are another part of your home where heat can easily escape. This is usually the result of worn-out weatherstripping and caulking, so consider applying new weatherstripping and recaulking to prevent heat loss from your home. Another possible cause is faulty windows, so if your windows are old, have an expert replace them with new ones as well.For your home improvement requirements, don’t hesitate to turn to Eagle Creek Siding, LLC. when it comes to exterior renovations and window installation services. Give us a call at (360) 570-0396 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. 


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