4 Key Considerations for Bathroom Windows


There are many factors to consider when choosing bathroom windows. First, since the bathroom space is often relatively small compared to other rooms in the home, you want the windows to allow in natural sunlight. However, this can make it hard to have a private area where you can perform daily hygiene and grooming activities without the risk of being seen by others outside your home. The good news is that with careful planning, you can achieve both these goals and more.


To help you find the best window for your bathroom, window and residential siding expert Eagle Creek Siding, LLC shares four important factors you should consider.

  • Window Size: The size of the window determines how much sunlight is present in your bathroom. A large, tall window will easily improve daylighting and provide more comfortable light levels in the space. This means the bathroom will appear bigger and brighter. With the addition of low-E glass, you can also block heat-causing infrared light.
  • Window Transparency: You may think having a large window in the bathroom compromises your privacy, but he truth is you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays by adding windows with frosted or textured glass, which will obstruct the view from outside and keep your time in the bathroom peaceful and private.
  • Window Style: The window style plays an important role in your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Veteran deck replacement and exterior renovation companies may suggest installing an operable window, like a casement or awning window, for bathrooms because they often get steamy and humid from showers. This allows for more ventilation in the room, preventing moisture-related damage.
  • Window Placement: Most bathroom windows are placed high on the wall somewhere above head height to provide more privacy. A great way to get around this concern is to install a skylight, which offers unobstructed natural light and a beautiful view of the sky.

If you’re planning to get new windows for your bathroom, look no further than Eagle Creek Siding, LLC. We also offer superior James Hardie® siding replacement and installation services. Call our team at (360) 529-5455 or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.

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