4 Signs Your Siding Needs to Be Replaced


Unless there’s an urgent problem with your siding, replacing this integral part of your home’s exterior is probably not at the top of your mind. Unfortunately, like your roof, siding isn’t immune to wear and tear. Eventually it will show its age, manifesting in the form of cracks, gaps and holes brought about by constant exposure to the elements.

So how can you tell if your siding needs to be replaced? Exterior renovations contractor Eagle Creek Siding LLC discusses four things to look for here.

Frequent exterior painting. Good home siding should be able to maintain its overall appearance for up to a decade. If it needs repainted every five or six years, this usually means that it’s no longer as appealing as it was before. You’re probably doing it to cover up areas on the siding’s surface that are peeling, cracking or chipping. Any of these signs can indicate a fundamental problem that will require the siding to be replaced right away.

Mold, mildew or fungus growth. Mold, mildew and fungus can grow and thrive on your siding, especially at or near the seams. This means that moisture has found its way through and is collecting inside the wall. While not all such signs are cause for concern, they do necessitate further inspection by your local siding installation contractor.

Dry rot. It pays to inspect your siding annually to check for anything out of the ordinary. If your siding is made of wood, tap on its surface with the handle of a screwdriver. If you hear a hollow sound, it may have suffered dry rot. This begins below the siding surface and eats away at the material, leaving only the top layer intact. Extensive dry rot will require your entire house to be re-sided with a new, more durable material.

Cracked or loose siding. The need to replace the entirety of your home’s siding depends on the extent of the damage. One or more panel boards that are cracked or loose can easily be replaced. However, if these signs of damage appear on a large portion of your home’s exterior, this is an indication of more severe problems that may require professional services.

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