4 Tips for Mixing Home Siding Textures


Your siding has a great influence on the curb appeal of your home. Since its design defines the character and enhances the architectural style of the exterior, it pays to mix and match different materials or textures in order to create a unique, charming look for your residence. Our re-siding experts at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC share a few exciting tips below:

Pair dark-colored vinyl with light-colored stone or brick. An appealing house exterior uses a color scheme that consists of at least three hues in order to accentuate the roof, walls and accents. If you’re creating a two-siding design, make sure to utilize distinct colors to emphasize the change in material. Varying degrees of dark and light can also be used to make the front door’s perimeter stand out. Consider painting the door a bright shade and adding gorgeous planters around it.

Use cedar shakes with vinyl siding. Install cedar shakes on your eaves, then use vinyl siding for the rest of your exterior walls. Multi-family siding experts recommend finishing off the look with pristine stone or brickwork.

Add texture with brick and wood. To make exterior textures more remarkable, consider using horizontal brickwork with soft gray tones and adding vertical plank boards made of natural light reddish-brown colors.

Use wood siding with light-colored stonework. Siding that looks stylishly weathered can boost the look and feel of your home. Cedar shakes in burnished amber complemented by stonework in a classic white or dove gray shade are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to embrace natural elements. 

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