4 Tips for Prepping Your Deck for Warmer Weather

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Winter is finally over, and consequently it’s getting warmer. What better way to ring in spring than by doing a bit of exterior remodeling—such as prepping your deck so that you have a place to relax alone or with friends? If you don’t have one yet, why not build a deck onto your home? You could be the envy of your neighbors, but remember to make sure that your outdoor space will be safe and functional during the hotter months. Here are a few tips that can help.


Get Your Furniture Ready- The first thing you need to take care of is furniture. Whether you plan on relaxing by yourself or spending the night chatting with friends, your furniture needs to be nice and comfortable.

Adorn your decking with an outdoor couch and some lounge chairs. You can even invest in a coffee table or upgrade to a bigger one. Tables that can accommodate more people are best if you plan to seat all your friends at one table for discussions, games or just to eat together after grilling a meal for everyone. If you think you might be inviting a lot of guests over at some point for a big party, it’d be a good idea to buy some stackable chairs for additional seating around or near the table. Don’t forget that you need to pick furniture suitable for outdoor use so that nothing will be ruined by bad weather.

Time to Cook (And Eat) Outdoors- If you’re planning on cooking and grilling outside, you need a separate area or level on the deck away from the lounging area. Make sure to have storage cabinets available for the convenience of not having to interrupt your conversation to go inside and get things.. Buying a small refrigerator or mini-fridge for drinks and desserts may also be a good idea. If you do this, the area where you keep your appliances needs to be covered by a roof.

Mood Lighting and Music- Speaking of food, why not install a fire pit to eat around? This will act as a focal point for your seating area and become a good source for mood lighting. Even when summer ends, it will still be useful in the spring and fall. You can place your lounge chairs around the pit for a pretty, classic setup. In addition, this creates the perfect opportunity to make a sound system part of your outdoor setup, which is a great addition for parties and entertainment.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Space- A broken window or cracked siding can ruin the mood. Evaluate the area so you can address any and all issues, like getting a window replacement or new siding installation if necessary.

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