4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding


Should you replace your siding or just give it a fresh coat of paint? While painting your siding may seem like the more cost-effective solution at first, replacing it arguably makes more financial sense in the long run. While a fresh coat of paint may be able to hide signs of wear and tear on your siding for a few months, as your siding deteriorates it will become harder to hide the fact that it needs to be replaced. 

What are some of the warning signs you need to keep an eye out for? Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, your trusted siding installation contractor, lists them below:

Widespread rot. Wooden siding is known for its rustic appeal. However, it’s also susceptible to dry rot. Dry rot is a bit of a misnomer because it’s a type of decay caused by excess moisture and fungi. Dry rot breaks down the cellulose in wood, causing it to shrink and turn brown until it breaks into cube-shaped bits.

Mold. Mold is another siding issue caused by excess moisture. Mold may appear fuzzy or slimy and can be different colors, from dark green to bright red to black. If you see green or black patches on your siding, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, mold may start to affect other parts of your home. 

Cracks and gaps. Cracks and gaps in siding are not only an eyesore, but will also leave your exterior vulnerable to moisture damage. Water can infiltrate your walls through the tiniest of gaps in your siding. This is why, if you notice cracks or gaps in your siding, you should schedule a siding replacement project as soon as possible. 

Higher cooling costs. If you’re scratching your head over a higher-than-expected electricity bill, damaged siding is a possible culprit. Cool air can leak out of the gaps in your exterior, forcing your HVAC system to consume more electricity. 

Important note: To make sure there aren’t any gaps in your exterior, only experienced contractors should handle the siding installation and any exterior renovations

If you’re looking for exterior remodelers near you, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, a contractor with over 35 years of experience, offers a wide range of professional exterior services. To request an estimate, call us at (360) 570-0396 or fill out this form

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