7 Reasons to Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding


When it comes to replacing your home’s siding, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s an abundance of materials available on the market for you to consider, such as vinyl, aluminum, wood and fiber cement. While they all perform admirably when installed in your home, there’s one material that you shouldn’t fail to consider: insulated vinyl siding.


In this article, exterior renovations expert Eagle Creek Siding, LLC lists seven reasons why you should choose insulated vinyl siding for your home, beginning with:

Energy Efficiency – One of the reasons homeowners gravitate toward insulated vinyl siding is its energy efficiency capabilities. In fact, according to experts, insulated vinyl siding provides the best energy savings for homeowners, as it has an R-value of up to 5.3.

Wide Variety – When it comes to finishes, styles and colors, insulated vinyl siding has a wide range of options available from which to choose if you want it to match your exterior architecture and improve your home’s overall aesthetic as much as possible.

Durability – Siding replacement experts say that insulated vinyl siding is one of the most durable siding materials out there. This is because it can handle almost every type of weather event, such as high temperatures, strong winds and sudden weather changes. In addition, this siding material won’t rot or become damaged by moisture, insects or long-term sun exposure.

High Return on Investment – If you have any thoughts of selling your home in the near future, then install insulated vinyl siding during your replacement project. The reason for this is that insulated vinyl siding can net you at least an 80% return on investment thanks to its energy efficiency capabilities.

Low Maintenance – On the other hand, if you’re a busy homeowner who can’t always find the time to maintain their siding, insulated siding is the material for you, as it requires little to no maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning.

Repairability – If any part of your insulated vinyl siding ever becomes damaged, you can easily repair it yourself or with the aid of a siding repair professional.

Ease of Installation – Surprisingly enough, insulated vinyl siding is easy to install, especially with the help of professionals. And because of this, it’s basically guaranteed that you won’t be paying much for labor costs, as specialized equipment isn’t required to install it on your home.

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