A Brief Guide to Deck Components


A deck is a valuable addition to your home. It can be a place for entertaining family and friends or just spending time alone reading a favorite novel. If you’re thinking about building a deck, it will be extremely helpful to familiarize yourself with its various components before proceeding with the construction of one. Here an exterior remodeling company shares a brief guide with you:

  • Flashing. Flashing is the material that connects the deck to your home. Flashing is critical when it comes to keeping unwanted moisture away from the structure. It normally comes in rolls or sheets, and can be made from different materials like vinyl, copper and steel.
  • Ledger. This refers to the deck floor rim board attached to the house. It should be connected to the floor structure of the main property with lag screws or bolts. If the ledger becomes loose due to wet boards splitting, safety can become a problem, along with the risk of water-related damage.
  • Joists. These long, perpendicular beams are commonly made of wood. Every crucial portion of the decking should be supported by a joist. If rot begins to chip away at the deck flashing, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches and compromises the joists, which is a serious and costly problem.
  • Boards. Deck boards make up the finished surface of the deck. These keep people from falling between the joists and ultimately support the weight of any people or furniture on the deck. Some homeowners prefer to situate the boards flush against each other to create a uniform appearance, while others like the slatted panel look, which is often a better choice if you want to be extra vigilant about moisture.

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