A Brief Look at HardieShingle® Siding Profiles


Siding plays an influential role in the appearance of your home. The better the cladding material, the greater its curb appeal and overall value. With many options on the market, it helps to narrow them down to a few tried-and-true choices. Here a siding installation expert gives an overview of different HardieShingle® siding profiles.

  • Straight edge. This siding profile is defined by perfectly-aligned rows of shingles. Since the shingles vary in width, it gives the home a tidy appearance without looking dull or monotonous. It’s a simple-yet-effective design that works well on classic and contemporary homes, making it one of the most versatile options you can choose for your exterior.
  • Staggered panels. This siding profile heaps panels of varying widths into staggered rows, giving the surface a dynamic feel. Many siding replacement companies recommend this profile for ranch- and cottage-style homes, although it can also furnish a warm, welcoming appeal to regular homes.
  • Individual shingles. If you’re looking for a unique design that stands out from the crowd, individual shingles are an excellent choice. You get to decide the width of the pieces with this profile. You can go for a clean, uniform look or incorporate shingles with alternating dimensions — it’s up to your preferences.
  • Half-round shingles. Unlike other profiles that have rectangular shingles, half-round shingles boast a charming circular bottom edge and are installed in perfectly-aligned rows. A profile that’s commonly found on vacation homes, it can also be applied on gazebos or main houses.

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