A Glossary of Siding Terms Everyone Should Know


When in the market for commercial or residential siding, you may come across siding-related terms that you’ve never heard before. To help you better understand the different siding components, we’ve compiled a list of terms commonly used in the industry below.

  • Batten. This refers to a thin strip of wood molding that’s placed over a seam of panel boards. Battens provide strong vertical lines that create shadows and textures on the exterior.
  • Buttlock. This refers to the bottom portion of a panel of vinyl siding. It locks the previous panel that was installed in place to keep the siding from shifting.
  • Course. This refers to a row of siding that runs the length of an exterior wall. Several courses of siding are used to make the exterior wall appear complete or full.
  • Drip cap. Also called head flashing, this refers to a piece of trim that diverts water from the topmost part of vertical siding.
  • Exposure. Also called reveal, this refers to the width of a siding board.
  • F-channel. This refers to molding that resembles the letter F. It’s used to trim siding that’s installed at a 90-degree angle.
  • Flange. This refers to a piece of siding where mounting holes are placed.
  • Furring strip. This refers to a wooden strip that’s attached to the exterior of a house. 
  • HardiePlank. This refers to a James Hardie siding product made with cellulose fibers, Portland cement and sand.
  • Lap. Short for overlap, it’s when one panel of siding overlaps another.
  • Profile. This refers to the shape or profile of the siding.
  • Tongue and groove. This refers to a type of interlock that attaches two panels of siding together.  

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