A Guide to Different Types of Outdoor Decks


There’s nothing quite like having a shady, comfortable spot on a scorching summer’s day. If you’re planning to build an outdoor deck, there are different types and designs to choose from that can meet your specific demands, whether for private time, family dinners or entertainment. Here a re-siding contractor shares a brief guide to the various types of outdoor decks.

  • Attached deck. An attached deck is much like a patio, except that it’s commonly made from natural wood or wood composite materials and is slightly raised. It’s often attached to the back of a U-shaped or L-shaped house.
  • Detached deck. A detached deck is similar to an island. It can be built anywhere on a property but should still be accessible via stairs or a pathway. This deck is more forgiving and can be constructed above bumpy, uneven terrain or areas with poor drainage.
  • Wraparound deck. A wraparound deck shares features with a traditional wraparound porch, except parts of the deck are often larger. According to a commercial siding expert, the deck is also elevated, more uneven and will extend the living space of your home.
  • Multi-tier deck. A multi-level or two-story deck is the ideal choice for residential properties with large square footage, particularly if the landscaping has hills, slopes or tricky terrain. The different levels of the deck are connected by steps and/or paths.
  • Rooftop deck. A rooftop or garage deck is an excellent idea for flat roofs, making it a popular installation for urban dwellers. It provides more privacy and better views than ground-level decks.

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