A Quick Look at the HardieZone® System


James Hardie® siding is created to withstand the harsh environs of the North American climate. It’s a great investment for the exterior of any modern home, and only certified siding installation companies such as Eagle Creek Siding are able to offer these great products to customers, along with an outstanding 30-year limited, transferable warranty. So how do we ensure your siding meets your needs? With the help of the HardieZone® System.

Engineered for Climate®

All of our James Hardie siding products are simply Engineered for Climate, categorized efficiently with the HardieZone System. The system provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. As a result, our James Hardie products give you the ability to use the optimal siding for a project regardless of where you live.


This siding replacement product line is right at home in climates with freezing temperatures and extreme seasonal temperature variations, as well as snow and ice. To ensure that its beauty equals its durability, its surface has been engineered for higher performance, providing superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. A drip edge has also been added to provide improved water management. 


The HZ10® product line delivers legendary durability that’s well-known throughout the country. This siding was engineered for areas with hurricane-force winds, the salty sea air of the coast and the brutal, humid heat of the Deep South. HZ10 was made for these climates because it resists splitting, cracking, rotting and swelling, even after a hot, humid tropical storm season.

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