Before You Build: Factors to Consider Before Building a Deck


A new deck can give your home a much-needed aesthetic boost. However, building a deck is a home improvement project that homeowners shouldn’t take lightly. In this article, trusted deck replacement contractor Eagle Creek Siding, LLC talks about the important factors to consider before you build your deck.

Factor #1: Function

Perhaps the most important question you need to ask when building an outdoor deck is this: “What am I going to use it for?”. The answer can range anywhere from ‘for entertaining guests’ to ‘for ensuring privacy’. Whatever your reasons for wanting a deck may be, it’s important to identify the purpose it would serve. From there, you can determine the other factors that matter.

Factor #2: Aesthetics

Your new deck should match the look of your home’s exterior. You can take your cue from your residential siding or from the general theme of your home. Different materials can provide different looks for your deck. For instance, weather-resistant woods like redwood and cypress give off a rustic vibe while other materials such as composite decking can complement a modern home better.

Factor #3: Budget

Many homeowners prioritize the project budget over everything else, sometimes even over the project itself. While the cost of a new deck is indeed an essential consideration, you don’t have to compromise on everything else just so you can save a few hundred bucks. If budget is a concern, consult your contractor regarding cost-efficient options.

Factor #4: Location

If you want an outdoor deck but value privacy, it might be a better idea to build your deck in the backyard away from public sight. Knowing where to place your deck can help you fully enjoy your outdoor experience.

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