Benefits of Double-Hung Windows


The double-hung window is one of the most popular window types among American homeowners. This is largely because it doesn’t matter what type of house you have, double-hung windows will look right at home. But this isn’t the only benefit of installing these windows. Here are the other benefits you’ll enjoy if you get double-hung windows for your next exterior remodeling project.

double-hung windows

More ventilation. You can enjoy more ventilation if you have double-hung windows. Not only that, but you can also control airflow. Open the top and bottom sashes if you would like to maximize ventilation in a room. Warm indoor air will escape through the top sash, and cool, fresh outdoor air will enter through the bottom sash. You can ventilate and air out a room more quickly in this way. If you want to limit ventilation, then you can open just one sash or partially open both sashes.

Easier additions. If you want to add an air conditioner to a room, the best window for this is a double-hung window. Most double-hung windows have sashes that slide up and down, so it’s easier and safer to place an AC unit. It’s easier to remove the AC unit if you want to store it during the winter, as well. You can also add a bug screen without much effort. As the window sashes slide up and down, you won’t have to remove the bug screen when you operate the window.

Better energy efficiency. Double-hung windows are some of the most energy-efficient units today, as the sashes form a tight seal when you close them. Get window replacement units with Low-E double glazing and you’ll enjoy even better energy efficiency.

Safer operation. With double-hung windows, you don’t have to worry about people hitting their heads against an open window because the sashes slide open and closed vertically. Thus, there’s no cranking and swinging out that would present a safety risk.

Easier cleaning. Get windows with sashes that tilt inward for easier cleaning and maintenance. This is another reason double-hung windows are perfect, especially for upper-floor windows that may be hard to reach for cleaning.

The timeless beauty and efficiency of double-hung windows should convince you to try them out. Get in touch with Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, for your window replacement project. We can also work on your decking. Call us today at (360) 570-0396 or message us here.

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