Choosing the Best Deck Design for Your Home


A deck is an excellent multi-purpose addition to your home. It’s the ideal place to gather friends and host small celebrations while enjoying the cool, gentle breeze outdoors. If you want, you can also appreciate nature, wind down, read a book and sip a refreshing drink while savoring some alone time on your backyard deck. In this article, a residential siding and deck contractor discusses how to choose the perfect design for your deck.

choosing a deck design
  • Will your deck be used for entertaining? If you’re the type of person to occasionally invite the entire neighborhood over for a simple get-together in your beautiful backyard, you’ll need sufficient deck space to accommodate all your guests, the barbeque grill and a table and chairs. A broad, ground-level platform deck is a good choice for this scenario.
  • Is privacy at the top of your priority list? It may be difficult to find privacy, even on your own deck, if there’s no fence, hedge or other barriers between your residential space and that of your neighbors. In order to transform your outdoor structure into a more personal retreat, deck replacement companies recommend building it off the second floor. This will also allow you to breathe in clean, crisp air and take in some breathtaking views. Add latticework panels to further facilitate peace and quiet.
  • How much sun should your deck receive? Southern exposure usually guarantees optimal sunshine in most parts of the U.S. If you live in a location with sweltering summer temperatures, it’s best to minimize the amount of sunshine your deck is exposed to. If the building site of the deck is too bright and sunny, consider relocating your structure to an area where the house or large trees cast plenty of shadows.

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