Choosing the Best Time of Year for a Siding Replacement


Extensive preparation is required for a siding installation. You might think the season isn’t an important factor when it comes to your siding replacement, but it actually is. This is especially true if you’re considering vinyl siding, as this material is very sensitive to certain weather conditions. 

Siding Replacement

As such, many contractors think it’s best to replace your siding in the fall. Known for their commercial and residential siding services, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC discusses what happens if you replace your siding in a particular season. 

Spring is prone to storms. In the spring, thunderstorms and rainfall can pose a huge problem for your siding replacement. It’s possible for your home’s sheathing and walls to be exposed to moisture from the rain, which will cause them to mold. Mold infestation can be very harmful to you and your family, and in extreme cases can lead to costly remediation. 

Summer is too hot. If you’re planning a vinyl siding installation, you should know that it doesn’t react well to intense heat. Like any other plastic, vinyl siding can melt if exposed to high temperatures. Even if the vinyl doesn’t melt, hot weather can still cause it to stretch. Because of this, the siding will thicken and bump against window casings, causing them to warp and fall off.

Winter is too cold. A vinyl siding replacement also isn’t a good idea during the winter. Where hot weather causes the vinyl to expand, cold weather causes it to contract. This means it could be nailed too tightly. Additionally, freezing weather can also make your vinyl prone to brittleness. Due to this, it will eventually crack and break apart, and your panels will be wasted. 

Fall is the ideal season. Since the temperature is milder, the fall season is the best time to carry out a siding replacement project. Winter is also approaching, so it’s a smart choice to replace your aging siding to protect your exterior from heavy snowfall. To prevent drafts and moisture, you might want to consider installing James Hardie® siding. It’s durable and heavy-duty, and can easily protect your home from extreme weather problems.

Siding companies are also usually less busy in the fall since many people choose to get their siding installed in the spring or summer. Thus, you should consult with a reliable contractor for lower siding installation quotes in the fall. And given that your siding installation crew isn’t as busy, they might even be able to finish the job sooner than expected. 

Although fall has the ideal weather for your siding replacement, there are a few exceptions to consider. If you notice damaged siding, it’s best to have it repaired or replaced immediately, regardless of the season. You can also contact your contractor so they can assist with your siding needs. 

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