Cleaning Fiber Cement Siding


Fiber cement siding is one of the most popular siding materials available on the market. After all, they’re affordable, durable, and can last for decades with the proper care. If you want your fiber cement siding to last for as long as possible, you’ll need to clean it every now and then. However, cleaning it isn’t as simple as taking a hose and rinsing it down.
Here, the siding and deck replacement experts of Eagle Creek Siding, LLC gives tips on how you can clean fiber cement siding according to its cause.


Big storms and strong winds can blow dirt into your fiber cement siding. Thankfully, removing dirt from fiber cement siding is a fairly simple task. First, grab a bucket of water, a soft cloth or soft brush, and a garden hose. If you’re using a brush, use it to remove the dust and dirt from the siding’s surface before rinsing the area with a garden hose. If you’re using a soft cloth, soak it with water first then wipe the area in a side to side motion. Afterwards, rinse the area again with clean water by using the hose.

Organic Contaminants

If the cause of your dirty residential siding is organic contaminants like oil or grease, you’ll need to grab a soft cloth and mix mild liquid dishwashing soap with water. Once you’ve made your solution, grab your cloth and soak it into the soapy water to clean the stained siding. Make sure to rinse your cloth as frequently as possible. Once the siding is covered in soap, you can use a garden hose to rinse the area.


Mildew can often be mistaken for dirt so if it’s time to clean your siding, inspect the planks, panels, or shingles. If it’s clear that there’s mold or mildew, grab a soft cloth or sponge, a garden hose, and mildew-specific cleaner. Once you have your equipment, scrub the area that shows signs of mildew growth according to the cleaner’s instructions. Afterwards, rinse the area with your garden hose and you’ll have a mildew-free siding.

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