Common Types of Siding Damage During Winter


Winter is the time when your home’s exterior components are most tested, particularly your siding. Winter is drawing to a close, so it’s the perfect time to inspect your siding for signs of damage. In this blog post, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, the leading choice for multi-family siding projects in our local area, discusses the various types of siding damage you should watch out for during winter.

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  • Missing or Dislodged Siding – This can be caused by extreme wind during winter storms, particularly if your siding is poorly installed. You need to deal with this problem as soon as possible because you don’t want your home to experience moisture damage. Missing siding can also affect your home’s energy efficiency and indoor comfort.
  • Moisture Damage – Moisture damage can be particularly difficult to spot because it can hide behind instact siding. Look for the signs of this hidden damage like warping or peeling paint on your siding. Better yet, call an expert in re-siding like us for an inspection. We can tell you if you need to replace your current siding.
  • Cracking and Breaking – Sudden changes in temperature can cause vinyl siding to break and crack. This is unfortunate, because this means that the siding cannot be repaired. You are better off planning for a siding replacement as soon as possible. Cracked and broken siding will increase your energy costs and leave your home vulnerable to water damage.

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