Common Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked


Vinyl is a popular siding replacement option that’s favored by homeowners for many reasons. However, even with its many benefits, you might still have second thoughts about getting vinyl siding due to some popular myths and misconceptions. 

These include:

Vinyl Siding Is Very Flammable

This isn’t actually true, as vinyl siding doesn’t contribute to making fires hotter. The material actually slows down fire because of its combustion-resistant qualities. This myth is more about the concern surrounding HCL, or hydrogen chloride, which is released when vinyl burns. 

HCL alone is a toxic gas that can be harmful if you inhale it, but it’s really nothing to worry about. The HCL concentration is very slight compared to the concentration of carbon monoxide in a fire, which is created by almost anything that burns.

Old Vinyl Siding Isn’t Recyclable 

This also isn’t true. In reality, more than one billion pounds of vinyl siding are melted down and recycled each year. Vinyl siding that’s been discarded is recycled into other products such as fencing, pipes, bottles, garden hoses, food wrappers and blister packs. They’re even repurposed into new siding and other materials, which makes it a very sustainable siding installation.

Vinyl Siding Isn’t Very Durable

Vinyl siding is a lightweight material that offers excellent resistance against the weather. It also requires minimal maintenance, such as an occasional cleaning with water and a mild cleaning solution to keep it looking in its best.

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