Deck Building: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself


A deck makes a beautiful addition to any home. It enhances the visual appeal and character of your property while giving you an elevated structural through which you can access the outdoors. If carefully planned and maintained, it can also significantly increase your home’s resale value in the future. There are many decisions to make when installing a deck, from its primary function to material choices. To help you plan this exciting home renovation project, siding installation expert Eagle Creek Siding, LLC lists several questions you should ask yourself.

How will you use your deck?

The primary function your deck will have can guide you through the entire building process. If you know what to do with the space, then you can decide which colors, accessories and materials to use. Decks can serve a variety of purposes, including being a place for entertaining and providing a private area at home. 

If you like planning get-togethers or reunions, exterior renovations providers advise building an expansive deck with built-in seating areas. You can install an L-shaped outdoor kitchen where people can gather and celebrate without worrying about traffic flow. On the other hand, you could build a deck with multiple levels that feature small sectional areas in which to relax and rewind.

Of what materials should your deck be made?

There’s a wide selection of materials available on the market for deck-building. Pressure-treated lumber is the most widely-used material because it’s readily available and easy to cut and fasten with nails or screws. Aluminum and composites are also popular options because they don’t splinter, rot or warp. Of course, each material varies in terms of price point, maintenance and longevity. 

What’s your style?

A deck is considered an extension of your home. If you have a Medditeranian-style home with mixed siding replacement materials, then consider building a deck with stone flooring. Similarly, a Colonial home would be better complemented with a large composite deck for entertaining.

Are you planning an outdoor addition to your home? Eagle Creek Siding, LLC provides high quality deck replacement and installation services for our customers. Call our team at (360) 529-5455 or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.

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