Design Your Deck Using These Patterns


If you’re looking for ways to improve your outdoor living space, try adding a deck onto your home. A new deck will provide a wide open area where you can barbeque, entertain your friends or simply relax and enjoy the night sky. You might also want to spend time alone reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee while relishing the fresh air.

Decks Patterns

Known for their professional decking and multi-family siding services, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC suggests the following deck patterns to add appeal to your deck design. 

Horizontal decking. Horizontal decking is one of the easiest patterns to follow for your deck’s surface. If your deck is quite long, you’ll have to splice the deck boards over a joist. If it’s less than 20 feet wide, however, butt joints won’t be necessary. Another thing that you have to consider for this design is sway bracing, as this will prevent your deck from racking. If you’re going for a minimalist, classic design, a horizontal decking pattern is a smart choice. 

Diagonal decking. A diagonal decking design increases the durability of your deck frame, which will prevent a racking deck. As such, this design doesn’t need a sway bracing installation, unlike horizontal decking. However, if you choose this design, your crew will be required to put in extra labor, as they’ll need to make more cuts. You can avoid this by hiring an expert contractor who is well-versed in home improvement, from re-siding to deck services. Together, you can come up with more effective and structured planning to decrease the waste factor. 

Herringbone decking. Herringbone decking is a compelling design if you want a fancier deck. It resembles a zipper pattern, in which two opposing diagonal decking patterns meet in the center of the deck like a zipper. A herringbone pattern is similar to this, but without the zipper effect. This design is an arrangement of rectangles that resemble the bones of a herring. For a more impressive look, you might also consider contrasting colors for this deck pattern. 

Decking inlay. An inlaid decking pattern will test your creativity as you put together different colors, angles and shapes. While many homeowners think this design is time-consuming and challenging, it’s a great option if you want your deck to stand out. Additionally, you have to make sure that the design you choose is not only beautiful to look at, but also practical to build. With this pattern, every cut will be on display, so pay attention to each detail. 

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