FAQs: Is House Wrap Necessary Before Siding Installation?


House wraps are great for preventing drafts, moisture damage and mold formation. Depending on how they’re installed, house wraps can act as either a wind or water barrier for your home’s exterior. Many homeowners often wonder whether or not house wrap is really necessary before installing new siding. 

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Eagle Creek Siding, the leading contractor for exterior renovations, answers some common house wrap questions in this post.

What Exactly Is a House Wrap?

As its name suggests, a house wrap is an exterior barrier wrapped around your home to keep moisture and powerful winds at bay. It’s typically installed before the siding, serving as additional weatherproofing – a type of protective layer to prevent moisture from reaching the wall itself.

Should I Install a House Wrap?

Yes. Older homes in particular will greatly benefit from house wraps due to the fact that they help preserve their architectural design and protect them against intense weather conditions. Some regions even require house wraps before you can start with a siding installation project. Even if house wraps aren’t a requirement in other localities, they still benefit your home, as they help minimize home heating and cooling costs.

Are There Different Types of House Wraps?

Standard house wraps are made up of asphalt-impregnated felt paper to prevent moisture from creeping into your house. Aside from these, you can also choose from other alternatives, such as liquid wraps. Liquid wraps are rising in popularity among homeowners nowadays due to the ease of application. OSB stand boards, on the other hand, are ideal if you want another layer of barrier protection underneath the siding. Lastly, there are polyolefin fabrics, which are thinner but offer the same level of weatherproofing and protection as their counterparts.

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