Helpful Tips for Combining Siding Materials & Profiles


Siding is cladding material attached to your home’s exterior. Along with the roof, it’s considered to be the primary barrier against the weather and elements such as rain, sun, heat and hail. Most siding materials are weather-resistant, allowing for expansion due to temperature changes. Moreover, siding is responsible for enhancing the visual appeal and character of your home. This is why residential and commercial siding experts believe mixing and matching materials and profiles lends more attention to your home. To help you find the best siding combinations, here are some useful tips:

Think About Textures & Profiles

Texture is a design element that refers to the roughness or smoothness of a material. When remodeling your home’s exterior, use a smooth finish on one siding system and then select a stylishly uneven material on the other. The difference in textures will add charm and uniqueness to your home.

Re-siding also allows you to explore different siding profiles. Similar to different colors and textures, displaying two contrasting siding patterns boosts the architectural style of your home. For example, if you have a two-story house, you can use traditional Dutch lap siding on the base floor and playful scalloped siding on the second floor. The decorative groove on the lap siding will highlight the seaside style of scalloped siding displays.

Combine Different Colors

A typical home uses an exterior color palette consisting of three different hues to accentuate the roof, wall and trim and other accents. However, if you’re using two different types of siding, you should incorporate two different shades on the walls to identify the shift in material. Of course, you’ll want to choose colors that will complement the rest of your home’s exterior.

For example, two-tone grey multi-family siding with white trim and black shutters will look simple and clean, signifying a balanced, timeless home.

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