How Many Windows Should I Replace?


When people are asked what the most important parts of a house are, the typical answers are the roof, walls and residential siding. But did you know that windows are just as important? After all, they provide our homes with ventilation and light, and can even make them more energy efficient. As long as windows are in perfect condition, they keep the bad air out and the good air in.

These days, all it takes is a freak storm or unfortunate mishap to cause your windows to break or begin rotting. These broken and rotting windows create an entry point into your home for wind, pests and even intruders. Another thing to consider is the mold or nasty buildup on your windows. If left alone, they can potentially lead to health problems in your home down the road.

For these reasons, replacing windows is a necessary task for every homeowner or renter. So how do you know how many windows you need to replace? The trick is in finding a balance between knowing what windows you want to replace and where a replacement is most needed.

Evaluating the Number of Required Window Replacements Based on Functionality and Aesthetics

Evaluate each window in your home and decide which ones require immediate attention.  Many contractors would suggest choosing those that are stuck, cracked or function abnormally. During the evaluation, you might notice other ways in which your home could be improved, such as with a deck replacement or siding installation.

Choosing Window Replacements Within Your Budget

If all or most windows in your home need replacing but your budget is limited, you must consider two things: aesthetics and functionality. For example, if the window you use the most in your home is the one in the living room that’s become cracked, you might consider replacing that first, along with the other windows in the living room area. This helps prevent a mismatched look on the exterior of your home without requiring you to replace every single window in the house.

After considering all these factors, you should know exactly how many windows need replacing. Remember that the best person to decide what window replacements would be best for your home is you, as you  know what you want in regard to the overall look and feel of your home.

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