How to Choose a Siding Profile for Your New Exterior


Choosing a profile for a residential siding replacement is mostly a matter of design preference, but there are a few things you need to take into account when picking your siding profile. One of them is your home’s architectural style. There’s a reason why certain siding profiles have traditionally been used with certain architectural styles; it’s because they work so well together. 

Focusing your search on siding profiles that have traditionally been used with your home’s architectural style also has other advantages. For starters, it helps you narrow down your options quickly. 

To help you find a siding profile that complements your exterior, here’s an overview of the most popular siding profiles and their corresponding architectural styles: 

New Exterior

Clapboard vinyl siding is often installed on homes with architectural styles that are popular in rural settings. These styles include Cape Cod-, Georgian-, Queen Anne- and Folk Victorian-style. Design-wise, clapboard siding mimics the look and feel of natural wood. We recommend choosing this siding profile if you want your exterior to have the classic aesthetic of wood but don’t want to deal with a wooden exterior’s high maintenance needs. 

Dutchlap siding is often featured on Craftsman and French Colonial homes. During the day, the curves on Dutchlap siding create strong shadow lines that can help draw attention to exterior features you want to highlight. 

Vertical siding gives the illusion of a taller exterior, making it a smart choice for small contemporary homes. To enhance this illusion, we recommend choosing neutral colors. 

Important note: to preserve your home’s curb appeal in the long term, it’s best to stick to trusted brands such as James Hardie® siding, which are able to preserve the vividness of their colors longer thanks to ColorPlus® Technology. 

Keep in mind that exterior design can be tricky. If you’re having trouble choosing a siding profile, don’t hesitate to consult an experienced contractor. 

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