How to Harness Natural Ventilation in Your Home


Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health, according to the EPA. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to ensure their home has adequate indoor ventilation. One way of improving indoor airflow is harnessing natural ventilation by choosing the right window replacement

Here are some tips on how you can maximize the natural ventilation provided by windows:

Choose Windows That Open As Wide as Possible

Casement windows are the usual go-to choice—the sash on casement windows can be cranked open completely, providing maximum ventilation. Double-hung windows are an alternative option: They have a movable, operating sash that can provide ventilation from both the top and the bottom. Here’s a tip: Leave the top sash down to allow stale, humid air to exit through the upper portion. 

Don’t forget that windows form part of your home’s curb appeal. If you’re having trouble choosing a window, consult a local window contractor from an exterior remodeling company. Local contractors are more familiar with your area’s climate and building codes, so they can make better recommendations. 

Install Windows on the Side Facing the Direction From Which the Wind Is Coming From

To help draw in a fresh breeze, you should have your new windows installed on the side facing the direction from which the wind is coming. 

Take Advantage of Cross Ventilation 

If you’re planning to replace several windows, contractors recommend installing them on the northern and southern parts of your home to take advantage of cross-ventilation. Cross-ventilation is a natural cooling method that takes advantage of the differences in outdoor and indoor air pressure to draw fresh air into your home. To ensure your new windows are installed properly, only an experienced contractor should handle the window installation. 

Are you looking for experienced contractors in your area? 

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