How to Prepare Your Home for Your Siding Replacement Project


Home improvement projects like window replacement and siding installation can experience delays due to unexpected issues such as previously undiscovered damages or defects, change orders and inclement weather. Fortunately, several factors can be controlled, and potential setbacks can be minimized if you prepare beforehand. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Siding Replacement

Trim back plants. Trees, shrubs and other foliage growing near your home must be trimmed or tied back, especially if they’re brushing against your home’s exterior. This will help the installers get the job done faster without anything getting in their way. In addition, prep your yard by cutting the grass short. This enables the contractor to comb through your lawn for stray nails or staples once the project is complete.

Remove items from your patio. Siding professionals need plenty of space to work on an installation project. They can go straight to work if they don’t have to remove potted plants, furniture, garden tools and other items from your backyard patio or decking.

Take down hanging interior decor. As the pros remove your old siding and install new material, the interior walls may vibrate and cause some of your valuable decorations to fall off. Before the installation date, make sure to remove any artwork and picture frames hanging on the wall. Consider moving furniture and appliances away from the wall as well.

Prepare the driveway. Since the siding installation team will arrive in a van or truck, you want the vehicle to be able to enter the driveway. Clear this part of your property to leave enough room for the team to set up everything, including the material that will be installed. If the pros are responsible for disposing of the old siding, plan on them bringing a dumpster to your home, too.

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