Inspection Guide: Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck?


“Should I repair my old deck or replace it altogether?” Homeowners often ask themselves this question anytime they notice their deck–or for that matter any other part of their exterior–looking a bit worn. The exterior remodeling experts from Eagle Creek Siding, LLC. list the factors that you should consider before making this decision below. 

The Extent of the Damage 

A complete overhaul isn’t necessary if only certain parts of your deck are worn or damaged. We recommend inspecting the following deck components to gauge the extent of the damage: 

  • Surface – The surface of your deck–which includes the deck boards, railings and handrails–is the most exposed and vulnerable to the elements, and therefore prone to rot and other forms of moisture damage. 
  • Posts – Your deck’s posts, especially the parts that come in contact with the ground, are equally susceptible to rot. 
  • Beams and Joints – These are the pieces of wood that support the deck boards from underneath. If moisture is trapped in the joints and the resulting rot affects other parts of the deck, its structural integrity might be compromised. As such, we recommend routinely having a contractor do a comprehensive inspection to check on the structural integrity of your decking
  • Fascia Board – This thin board that can be found around the perimeter of your deck mainly serves a decorative function, giving your deck a neat appearance. Discoloration on the fascia board is usually a sign that there’s trapped moisture in the wood.

Financial Cost

If rot or other forms of moisture damage haven’t affected other parts of your deck, simply replacing the affected portions should be enough to take care of the problem. At a certain point, however, repairs become less financially viable. 

We’ve noticed that decks which weren’t built with treated lumber experience an increasing number of moisture issues as they age. If treated lumber wasn’t used when building your deck, we recommend replacing unprotected parts as soon as possible. That way, you can protect the integrity of your deck in the long term. 

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