Is It Necessary to Completely Replace Your Old Deck?


If your deck is old, shabby and a maintenance nightmare, you may have been thinking about replacing it entirely. As it turns out, you don’t have to do this, especially if it’s structural integrity is still sound. Making it look brand-new simply requires the decking and railing to be replaced while retaining the framework. In this blog, Eagle Creek Siding LLC, your local source of single- and multi-family siding, shares the main things you should examine first before carrying out this project.

Deck repair and replacement


Start from the ground up and inspect the deck’s footings. If some of them look “heaved,” this means they’re not far enough into the ground and you should consider replacing them with deeper ones. This can be done by digging and pouring new ones directly into the old ones. This is a more sensible option than removing the old footings.

Wood Condition

Next, check the deck’s posts and other framing components to determine if they’re made of treated lumber, a low-maintenance deck material that can last for decades. A deck framed with cedar or redwood may have to be reframed with treated wood. Commercial siding and deck installers recommend inspecting these components for any signs of rot as well. If a screwdriver penetrates soft wood anywhere, this is a sign your deck needs replaced as soon as possible.

Deck Details

To establish a solid connection, each pair of deck joists should have at least one 3/8″ lag screw or bolt fastened into the ledger between them. Also, make sure each joist has hangers complete with galvanized hanger nails in all of the nail holes. Get in touch with your local inspector for help deciding whether to revitalize the structure with new decking and railing or replace it entirely, framework and all.

As one of the top deck installers in the area, Eagle Creek Siding LLC provides custom deck solutions so you can enjoy your home even more and meet your outdoor living needs. We’ll evaluate your deck to determine if it requires repairs or a replacement. You can count on us for your re-siding needs as well. Call (360) 570-0396 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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