Matching Your Windows to Your Rooms


When it comes to the topic of windows, you’ve likely heard some experts say that your windows don’t actually have to match one another. While this is true and you’re more than free to have different window styles, what some don’t realize is that you need to match your windows to the individual rooms around your house. This is because different areas of the home have different window requirements.

In this post, the exterior remodeling pros of Eagle Creek Siding, LLC help you match your windows according to your rooms.

Living Room

The living room is usually the largest room in the house, and as such large windows work well here. However, installing big windows should only be done if there’s something to look at outside, such as a nice backyard or lawn. If your home is located in a tight cul-de-sac, picture windows aren’t a good idea.

Dining Room

Windows in the dining room require a lot of thought, as most dining rooms are only used at night. According to experts, it’s perfectly acceptable to put very few or even no windows at all in your dining room, as there’s nothing to look at outside during this time of day. Instead, it’s recommended that homeowners rely on art, a fireplace or even furniture to generate visual interest in this room.


When it comes to the kitchen, casement windows are the recommended replacement window of choice, as homeowners often have to reach out over the sink or counter to access the windows. As much as possible, avoid installing double-hung windows in this situation, as they can be awkward and difficult to open and close.


In the bedroom, the window’s main purpose is to allow sufficient air flow on warm nights. Therefore, window professionals often recommend installing casement, awning or tall double-hung windows in this room. Keep in mind, however, that your bedroom windows will need to be of a certain size and sill height to allow egress in the event of an emergency, especially if your bedroom is located on the second floor.

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