Pre-Winter Preparations: Siding Issues to Watch Out For


Now that the weather’s getting colder, it’d be a good idea to check your exterior for siding issues. Routine maintenance can help prevent some of the most common problems that tend to appear in winter. The residential siding experts at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC., list some of these issues and elaborate on the factors behind them below. 

Cracks and Holes 

Debris carried by strong winds, as well as snow from snow blowers, can leave cracks and holes in your siding. Warm air can leak out of these gaps in your exterior, so it’s essential to fix them before temperatures dip below zero. 

Other times, however, the type of siding you have and its suitability to your climate is at the root of the problem. Certain types of siding become brittle and prone to cracking in cold temperatures. 

Loose Siding Panels 

If there are no visible signs of damage on your siding, keep an eye and ear out for overhanging lips and flapping noises, respectively. These are signs that some of the siding panels have become loose. 

Water Penetration and Moisture Buildup 

One simple siding problem can snowball into multiple issues if not addressed in a timely manner. If holes and cracks aren’t fixed immediately, melting snow can make its way to your interior, increasing the risk of moisture problems that can lead to structural damage. 


If water manages to infiltrate the insulation beneath your siding, it can also seep into wooden siding and cause warping in some sections. 

Do You Need to Replace Your Siding?

If, despite your best efforts at routinely maintaining your siding, you encounter any of the aforementioned issues, you might need to get a siding replacement. When you do, just make sure your new siding is made to withstand the climate in your area. 

James Hardie® siding, a brand we highly recommend to our customers, is specifically Engineered for Climate®. The manufacturer also created the HardieZone® System to help customers pick the type of siding that’s most suited to their area’s climate. 

If you do decide to replace your siding, make sure to hire a qualified contractor to install it. Remember, always vet a contractor before hiring them. 

Looking for Experienced Contractors in Your Area? 

Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, an award-winning contractor with more than 35 years’ worth of experience and a proud member of the James Hardie® Contractor Alliance™ program, offers a wide range of professional exterior remodeling services, including siding installation and deck replacement services. To request an estimate, call us at (360) 570-0396 or leave us a message here

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