Pro Tips: Achieving Color Harmony Between Your Siding & Trim


Achieving color harmony on your home’s exterior can elevate your mood, much like looking at a piece of art does, and add value to your home as well. But picking the best colors isn’t always easy, especially with the vast number of color swatches currently available on the market today. In this blog post, siding and window replacement specialists from Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, share a few tips on how to achieve balance when selecting colors for your siding and trim.

Understanding Color Theory and the Color Wheel

Have you ever wondered how artists and designers seem to pick the perfect color combinations each time? While some may just have an eye for it, most use the color wheel. Devised by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, the color wheel is basically a theory that shows relationships between different colors.

Interior designers and exterior remodeling contractors use this as a guide to convey a particular look or feel. A well-chosen color combination can make or break the appearance of your house, making it either the neighborhood eyesore or the envy of the block. 

Color theory is both a science and an art, and while understanding the basic concept may be easy, mastering it is another matter entirely. There are complementary colors, analogous colors, triadic colors and even tetradic or double complementary colors. 

Why Leave it to the Pros?

We here at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, understand that even with the aid of a color wheel, picking the right colors can still be quite daunting. We use James Hardie™ ColorPlus® Technology to help our clients with this all-important decision. James Hardie™ has narrowed down your choices by curating a relatively smaller set of stunning colors. The Statement Collection™ helps narrow down your options by showcasing your region’s most popular ColorPlus® Technology colors.

ColorPlus® Technology colors are more resistant to fading, chipping and cracking compared to ordinary paint finish, and are much easier to maintain as well.

If you’re looking to get exterior work like decking installation or window replacements done, give Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, a call at (360) 570-0396, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free appointment with one of our well-trained experts.

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