Q & A: Answering Pressing Questions About House Wrap


House wrap keeps moisture, air and dust outside of the house. Installed behind siding panels, this barrier can also minimize heat transfer and help conserve energy used for heating and cooling. 

Although the above explanation has probably already given you a good idea of what house wrap is, as well as its purpose, you may have further questions.

As a local authority on siding and deck replacement, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, answers some all-too-common questions about house wrap in this blog post in order to deepen your understanding of it.

Are There Different Types?

Yes, there are. Tar paper was the original house wrap, but the industry has seen numerous variations as technology has advanced.

Some products are made of polyolefin fabric, while others are tar-like liquids. Many residential siding professionals can attest that solid boards with special coatings can serve as house wrap as well.

So, which type is the best? The best house wrap for your home is designed for your climate and works well with other building components, irrespective of the type.

How Long Does It Last?

House wrap isn’t directly exposed to the elements, so it should last as long as your house stands.

However, some products are prone to abrasion. Thin barriers can sustain damage during construction, so poor workmanship may reduce their effectiveness.

Do You Need to Have It?

Whether you need house wrap depends on what local building codes say. Generally, it’s better to have it than not because of the role it plays in prolonging the structural integrity of your property.

Moreover, some siding brands install house wrap in conjunction with other components. James Hardie® is a good example. James Hardie siding systems include specialized weather barriers engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme regional climates.

If you have more questions about house wrap, schedule an appointment with Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, to discuss all of your siding replacement needs. Call us at (360) 570-0396 to get a free estimate!

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