Should You Replace Your Siding & Windows at the Same Time?


If you’re planning on remodeling your home’s exterior, then no doubt you’re thinking about doing a complete re-siding. And since you’re already doing this, it makes sense to start thinking about replacing your windows as well, especially if you want them to complement each other for better visual appeal. But is it a good idea to replace both the windows and the siding at the same time? 

The short answer is yes, provided that the capping around your windows is set precisely before putting the siding in place. Here Eagle Creek Siding explains what happens when this isn’t done correctly.

How Incorrect Window Capping Affects Your Siding

In a typical installation job, a moisture barrier is added beneath the window frame and extends below the siding. If your hired contractor installed the siding before replacing your windows, they may have to cut into your new siding to put that barrier in place. This of course isn’t the most ideal situation, as redoing part of the siding could make it look odd and add more to the total cost of replacing your windows.

Doing Multiple Projects Improves Energy Efficiency

Another reason why it’s better to have your windows and multi-family siding replaced at the same time is that they can both affect your home’s energy profile. Windows, in particular, can allow conditioned air to escape through the frames and joints, while the siding acts as the final protective layer against excess cold and heat. 

If you want to consume less energy, you need to consider your home as a whole. If you think about it, replacing your windows with energy-efficient Low-E glass windows isn’t worth the investment if you have air and moisture penetrating into your home through cracks in your siding.

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