Siding Replacement: 4 Factors to Consider


Choosing siding is one of the most critical decisions homeowners will confront, whether building a new house or performing exterior renovations in order to improve curb appeal. There’s a lot to think about with so many options — both traditional and contemporary — in terms of materials.

Siding Replacement

Since it’s available in such a wide range of styles and colors, selecting the right siding can be intimidating for some individuals. To assist you in making your selection, here are some factors to consider.

1. Curb appeal. Siding covers a large portion of your home’s exterior, and thus has a big impact on its curb appeal. Compare color schemes and trends, including those that are your personal taste. Obtain samples and compare them to the roof and trim. Colors on a smartphone or computer screen can look different in person, and this could be the distinction that makes your property stand out.

2. Ease of maintenance. When deciding on a siding replacement, consider how much maintenance you’re willing to perform. You want your siding to look as good as the day you installed it. Some siding styles demand a lot more upkeep over time. For example, sun and rain damage to wood siding necessitates scraping and repainting, whereas vinyl siding is more durable and requires minimal care.

3. Energy efficiency. Your siding creates a thermal envelope around your house that prevents energy from escaping. You need to choose siding products that have excellent R-values to properly insulate your home and save energy. Some siding is built with insulating characteristics. This can assist in limiting thermal transmission between indoor and outdoor areas of your home, lowering heating and cooling expenditures. 

4. Durability. Finally, ensure your siding is resistant to moisture and robust enough to endure local weather. It must withstand weathering and temperature changes. While most types of siding can withstand rain, wind and hail, fiber cement is the toughest.

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