The Basics of Window Mulling: Advantages & Considerations


Mulling is the process of combining multiple windows in large openings, providing a refreshingly modern and custom take on window design. Today, an exterior remodeling contractor takes a closer look at the advantages of window mulling and various considerations to be made before installation.

Basics of Window Mulling

What Are the Advantages of Mulled Windows?

Mulled windows can either be prefabricated in the factory or constructed on-site during a window replacement project or home renovation. One of the many advantages of mulled windows is that they create a focal point that draws attention to the exterior of the house. Another benefit is that mulled windows serve to highlight the interior space. Attaching two or more windows together will also result in a larger glass area through which natural light can flood, improving the atmosphere of a room by making it appear more spacious and airy.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Mulling Windows?

If you’re thinking about installing mulled windows during a window replacement project, you can either purchase a premade set or have a window contractor combine individual units into a mulled window. Keep in mind, however, that not all styles of windows can be mulled. The walls of your house may not be able to support a mulled unit if the combined replacement windows are too heavy. The contractor will have to size the windows and take into account the type of glass. Also, they’ll need to check if the performance rating of the combined windows meets the local code requirements for your project.

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