The Benefits of Vinyl Siding and Fiber-Cement Siding


There are all sorts of siding options available on the market today. Two of the more popular ones are vinyl and fiber-cement siding, each which have their own distinct benefits. In today’s article, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, the top siding replacement expert in our local area, compares vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Vinyl siding has been a popular siding option for decades. Many homeowners like vinyl siding because of its affordability and versatility. Vinyl siding manufacturers offer all kinds of colors and designs for their products so homeowners can easily find a vinyl siding product that works for their home. Some manufacturers also offer insulated vinyl siding. This siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency because it has built-in insulation.

As an expert in exterior renovations, we recommend this product for homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills. Insulated vinyl siding has a good R-value, which means that it can effectively reduce unwanted heat transfer through the walls of a house. The built-in insulation improves the toughness of the vinyl siding and can also help with noise pollution.

Fiber-Cement Siding Benefits

Fiber-cement siding is quickly becoming more and more popular among homeowners because of its incredible beauty and durability. Fiber-cement siding is significantly thicker than vinyl siding, and this makes it tougher and gives it a more appealing look. It can resemble stone, wood shake siding and other materials. It also comes in different colors and designs and is known particularly for its great texture.

As the leading siding installation company in our local area, we can help you figure out whether vinyl siding or fiber-cement siding is the best choice for your home. We’ve been helping local homeowners with their siding needs for the past 35 years. Our company is known for our commitment to excellence, high-quality products and first-class workmanship. We’ve sided over 60,000 homes in western Washington. Call us at (360) 570-0396 to learn more about our products and services or or to request an estimate.

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