The Top 4 Benefits of Smaller Windows


Contemporary homes are generally known for their large expanses of windows. Even so, many modern-day homes also have smaller windows that draw attention and add visual interest to the home. In this blog, window and deck replacement company Eagle Creek Siding, LLC talks about the advantages of having smaller windows in your home.

Small Windows

1. They provide privacy. Boasting a smaller window in your living room, for example, is beneficial because it doesn’t provide a full view into the house at eye level. Smaller windows work particularly well in rooms that require a certain level of privacy, such as your bathroom. By installing a small window high on a room’s wall, you allow natural light to stream in without allowing exposure from the outside. 

2. They make modern homes stand out. Many homeowners who live in a contemporary or modern home want their property to attract attention. Incorporating smaller-sized windows can break the customary pattern of large windows. To put the emphasis on your residential siding materials or facade, you can set small windows deeply into the wall pocket. This will also help increase the curb appeal of your home.

3. They provide better outdoor views. While a large picture window can show a substantial view of the outdoors, a small window can frame a particularly interesting scene, such as a beautiful, overarching tree or garden landscape. With the correct window placement, you can enhance certain parts of your interior design, as well.

4. They’re easier to maintain. Floor-level windows are prone to scratches and splashes, and also allow more dust to enter your home. To keep a large expanse of glass maintained, you need to clean the windows more regularly, which requires a lot of time and effort. With smaller windows, you don’t have to worry as much about cleaning large panes of glass in order to enjoy the outside view.

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