The Top 4 Causes of Drafty Windows


Do you feel a chill every time you walk past certain windows in your house? This cool waft of air is most likely a draft, a common defect that often occurs around the outside edge of the window frame. Here, our exterior remodeling experts at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC share some of the leading causes of drafty windows.

drafty windows

Advanced wear and tear. Most high-performance windows can last for decades. However, day-to-day wear and tear can take its toll over time. As you operate your windows, the weatherstripping material can be pressed down and become distorted or just worn out. Even a minor patch of tattered weatherstripping can result in a cold spot in your living space.

High levels of moisture. If you reside in a hot, humid climate or a region that experiences frequent downpours, your windows will take more of a beating than usual. If a window is exposed to high levels of moisture, there’s a greater chance that water will trickle under the seal and break it, allowing more moisture and cold air to flow into the house. To minimize the risk of water-related damage and avoid an untimely window replacement, make sure to wipe away condensation that forms on your windows and reduce sources of moisture inside the house.

Untreated mold. Mold and mildew thrive in damp environments. If mold forms on the seal or weatherstripping of your window, it can eat away at the rubber, compromising its shape and reducing its effectiveness. To remove minor mildew, clean the affected area with vinegar or an alcohol-based solvent. If you see mold patches, call in a mold remediation specialist to take care of the problem.

Inadequate maintenance.  Exposing your weatherstripping to corrosive chemicals–from the frames to the glass, locking mechanisms and other components–or failing to clean them at all will certainly cause issues. When maintaining your windows, don’t forget to follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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