The Top 5 Culprits Behind Common Siding Problems


Siding not only protects your house from potential damage brought about by the elements.: it also helps liven up your home’s aesthetic appeal. Keeping it in top condition will help preserve the value of your property. However, there are several siding issues that can arise over time. 

Here are the five most common culprits behind siding problems from the exterior renovation experts at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC.

Common Siding Problems

Moisture. Just like with your roof, moisture is the number one enemy of your siding. Loose shingles can let in rainwater, which can then work its way through the underlayment and eventually reach the siding. Excess moisture will eventually cause warping and buckling in your siding.

Pests. Wood siding is particularly vulnerable to pests ranging from woodpeckers to carpenter bees. Even if you don’t have wood siding, other siding materials will still be supported by wooden structures that can fall victim to termites and other burrowing insects.

Improper installation. High-quality siding won’t perform its intended function of providing top-notch protection if the siding installation wasn’t done correctly. When this happens, problems may appear earlier than expected, resulting in premature failure.

Poor maintenance. Likewise, failing to keep up with the maintenance of your siding can cause serious damage to the system. Poorly-maintained siding is prone to all sorts of problems. As a general rule, most experts recommend having your siding inspected at least once a year.

Roof issues. There’s a reason why contractors recommend fixing any damage to your home as soon as possible. It’s because the damage can quickly spread to the other parts of your house, such as your interior, where it can cause more damage. As such, problems with your roofing can affect your siding.

Whether you’re upgrading your home’s siding or need a new siding installation, Eagle Creek Siding, LLC provides the expertise and product selection you need to make the best choice. We offer siding products from industry-leading manufacturers to keep your home beautifully protected.

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