Things That Affect the Lifespan of Your Siding


Your residential siding is one of the most important exterior components of your home. It’s critical for you to keep it clean and fully functional to ensure its longevity. To maximize the life of your system, here are some of the things that can lead to its decline.

Lifespan Of Your Siding

Level of maintenance. It’s important to take note of how often your siding needs to be cared for. Different materials have different time frames for maintenance. For instance, wood siding requires regular maintenance, especially during the rainy season. Meanwhile, vinyl siding can go for months without requiring a cleaning.

Local climate. Siding and deck replacement contractors always consider where you live and what the weather there is like. The same siding that works wonders in cold climates might not be ideal for tropical climates. 

Old age. Certain siding materials can last up to 50 years, while others may only have 20 years in them. This is mainly due to weather conditions and various elements that deteriorate the system over time.

Style and finish. Keep in mind that not all siding is built the same. For example, metal siding, while durable, isn’t as versatile as vinyl siding. Fortunately, you can always be assured of getting experienced help from trusted companies in the community. Call on reliable siding contractors to ensure your property is in good hands.

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