Things to Consider When Choosing a Dark Siding Color


A lot of factors have to be considered when it comes to choosing siding. If you’re making a decision solely based on texture to add distinctive charm to your house, you might choose cedar shakes or board-and-batten siding. If cost is your main concern, you might pick vinyl siding. However, if you plan on painting or finishing your siding, you need to think about its color.

Dark Siding Color

In this post, a re-siding expert at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC talks about things you need to consider if you choose a dark color for your siding.

Design Trends

Recently, design trends for siding seem to be steering away from neutral colors to either pure white or saturated and dark tones, including pure black. While rich, bold colors can make the architecture of a house appear more dramatic so it stands out from the rest, there are a couple things you should be aware of when choosing dark siding:

Thermal expansion

Generally, dark-colored surfaces absorb more solar energy than light-colored surfaces. On products that are prone to expansion due to the temperature or that have low melting points, such color options may be limited for single-family or multi-family siding. Another issue is fading. On most exterior finishes, excessive chalking is simply unattractive. This is why your choice of cladding material matters.

Siding materials

If you want a dramatic, dark look, vinyl isn’t the best choice for you. While there are some vinyl products that are fairly dark, you won’t find a true black. Wood, in turn, is more prone to cupping when it has a dark finish. Although standard factory colors for fiber cement siding aren’t particularly dark, you can coat the siding with 100% acrylic latex paint. It’s best to talk with your contractor about siding finishes or paints so you can decide on the best option to meet your needs.

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