Tips for Making the Most of Daylighting Using Windows


For some homeowners, it can be quite challenging to incorporate natural light in their homes. Letting in copious amounts of sunlight may seem like an appealing idea, until one considers the amount of glare and solar heat gain it brings with it. In this article, Eagle Creek Siding LLC, a residential siding contractor, shares essential tips on how to make the most of daylighting using windows.

daylighting with windows

Eliminate glare and redirect light. Glare not only makes simple day-to-day activities like reading difficult to perform, it also compels occupants to close their blinds or curtains to maintain visual comfort, diminishing the benefits of daylight.

It’s important to arrange windows by function to achieve optimal daylighting. For example, upper glazing, above approximately seven feet, can serve as a daylighting instrument, while the glazing on the lower level can serve as the viewing zone. Adding daylight-redirecting devices to the top portion of the window also aids in collecting natural light and redirecting it deep into your interior space.

Prioritize quality over quantity. In addition to uncomfortable glare, an overabundance of sunlight can also lead to hot spots and sharp shadow lines. According to window and deck replacement specialists, a smart daylighting technique calls for allowing in diffused light and distributing it throughout the house. Look at the visible transmittance values when choosing your windows. Most energy-efficient replacement windows are rated between 0.5 and 0.7.

Arrange interiors. A simple rearrangement of your home’s interior will allow light to flow further into your space. An open floor plan and proper furniture placement are factors that affect how much incoming light is blocked. Anti-glare finishes and translucent glass partitions should also be considered.

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