Tips to Lay the Foundation for Your Re-Siding Project


The prospect of replacing  your old siding is exciting, but the project can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. After all, it has a lot of moving parts, and not understanding the proper way to proceed can overwhelm you. 

To give you a sense of direction when tackling your siding replacement, we’ve provided the following tips:

Visualize your new siding. Draw inspiration from existing homes. It’s easy to do your research with Google, but nothing beats real-life examples.

Drive around your neighborhood, look for home exterior designs that you like and build your plan from there.

If you notice that most of the neighboring properties seem the same, it could be by design. There might be some existing deed restrictions that dictate siding installation possibilities. Consult your homeowners’ association to find out whether such restrictions exist.

Compare products. Understand the differences between siding products. Beyond aesthetics, the mechanical properties of building materials can vary greatly. The most popular options on the market are generally a safe bet, but it pays to know what separates vinyl from fiber cement so you can make an informed decision.

Plan your budget. Budgeting for exterior renovations like re-siding involves more than just figuring out how much you’re willing to spend. A number of factors can affect the overall cost of your project, many of which may be unfamiliar to you since you’re not an expert.

Planning your project with a trusted contractor is best practice. Make sure to talk to a credentialed company to guarantee competence and integrity.

At Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, we take pride in our continued solid track record over 35 years of being in the siding business. With more than 60,000 successful projects under our belts, you can rest assured of the quality we bring to the table.

Call (360) 570-0396 to book an appointment with us to set your re-siding project in motion and receive a free estimate!

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