What Happens Before, During, and After a Window Replacement


Some homeowners tend to follow their siding installation with a window replacement for a full upgrade of their home’s exterior. It’s possible to buy your own replacement windows and install them yourself, but doing things this way may lead to problems down the road. For one thing, there’s a lot more to a window replacement than what online tutorial videos can show. For another, only a professional can help you get the most value out of this project.

Depending on the size of your home and the number of windows you want to replace, a typical replacement usually takes one or two days to complete. Here our experts at Eagle Creek Siding, LLC, walk you through what happens at this time.

Pre-Installation Consultation

Once you’ve found a good window and siding replacement contractor to do the job, the planning phase can begin. During this phase, you’ll be discussing design and style options with your professional. They may also inspect your home and take measurements of the site where your new replacement windows will be installed.

During the Installation

As soon as the design details are finalized, you’ll be setting up a schedule for your installation. On average, replacing up to 10 windows requires about a full day’s worth of work. Your contractor will take care of the removal of the old windows and dispose of them properly. They’ll also prepare the worksite. It may be necessary to cover nearby furniture in the interior and prized plants and shrubs on the exterior with a tarp to prevent damages.


After your exterior renovation, you may be asked to fill out a survey about how satisfied you are with the project. Observe your new replacement windows carefully in the following days to see if there are any problems that may have popped up during the installation.

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