What Is HardiePlank® Siding and Why Should You Choose It for Your Home?


During freak storms, a high percentage of sidings and roof coverings can get severely damaged. If the sidings you use for your home are sub-par, either the winds will blow them away or the heavy rain will create cracks and leaks. The trouble does not stop there! If left unrepaired, these will lead to future structure issues, water damage inside your home, insect infestations behind the sidings, and more.

All of this put together sounds like quite the nightmare but can be avoided when you choose materials that are durable and adaptable. We often recommend HardiePlank® for the homes we work on because of the many benefits it offers to homeowners. If it’s your first time hearing about HardiePlank, we answer all the questions you could have below.

What Is HardiePlank?

It is a type of cement fiber lap siding for house exteriors. The fiber cement plank is 8 millimeters thick, designed for both external and internal use on new builds and re-siding. Made by James Hardie®, it is a composite made from cellulose fiber, sand, Portland cement, water and a small number of chemical additives to make it more durable.

Is HardiePlank Durable?

This siding is made to go up against weather, water, time, fire, moisture, rot and pests. It has undergone rigorous testing so it can withstand situations like snowstorms, hurricanes, and more. Built not only for extremes, it can retain its quality throughout the change of seasons, which oftentimes eventually destroys materials such as wood and vinyl and wood.

What Hardieplank Should I Use for My Home?

HardiePlank commercial siding follows the HardieZone® system, which was created after studying how various climates affect sidings for the long term. Whatever region you live in, you have different HardiePlank products suited for you. If you live in wetter and colder climates, go for HZ5 which is made to resist freezing, wet conditions. Do you live in summer states? HZ10 is your best choice, which can protect homes from humidity, heat and so on.

Can I Choose From Different Designs?

It comes in many options, from regular Cedarmill, or Beaded for that natural cedar look with a soft texture that mimics wood, to Colonial Roughsawn for James Hardie’s take on the traditional Dutch lap siding seen in historic communities. If you like it basic, there’s nothing wrong with going for the sleek, modern Smooth siding. Each type available in a variety of at least 15 colors for you to choose from. Or you can even get it primed for paint!

Do you think HardiePlank sidings will be perfect for your home? Find the best expert siding installers that have extensive experience with the material at Eagle Creek Siding. We are the go-to company when it comes to single-family and multi-family siding installation in the area of Western Washington. If you’re ready for professional solutions without the hassle, call us at (360) 570-0396 or fill up our online contact form to request a free quote!

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