What Is Hardscaping & What Are the Challenges It Presents?


Hardscape is the catch-all term for the hard elements that have been built into a landscape. Its opposite is softscape, which represents soil and foliage. 

Considering the broad definition of this landscaping sub-category, most hardscaping projects are rarely the same. Experienced residential and commercial siding professionals will tell you that the construction of decks and water features are worlds apart.

However, the challenges listed below represent constant threats to the success of any project.

Sloped terrain. Level ground is the key to long-lasting hardscape elements. Gravity can bring down any otherwise sturdy outdoor element over time, no matter the degree of slope. Actually, uneven terrain can be a concern even in re-siding.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to level out the ground to neutralize this physical hurdle. Clever engineering techniques can do the trick as well.

Water runoff. Poorly-designed hardscaping elements are no match for the strong force of water runoff. Water is inescapable, and should be a consideration when planning exterior construction projects.

It’s essential to ask the following questions of your multi-family siding or decking contractor when planning your hardscaping project.

 How can the structure withstand heavy downpours? If the hardscape involves a water feature, how will it accommodate rainwater without flooding the rest of the landscape? What’s the most viable drainage system to safely and efficiently direct water from an impervious outdoor area to the street?

Foundation settling. It goes without saying that a stable foundation is crucial to keeping a hardscaping element in place for a long period of time. Excavation is unavoidable, but digging down to the mineral soil will normally be enough.

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