What Makes a Replacement Window Energy Efficient?


When planning a window replacement, you can’t just choose a random set of windows for your home. If you want it to be more energy efficient, you have to choose windows that are ENERGY STAR®-certified. These windows don’t just help increase your home’s energy savings; they’re also available with just about every option you can find for the modern home. which means you shouldn’t have any issues finding an ENERGY STAR-rated window that suits your home’s architectural style.

Excellent Product Features

Many ENERGY STAR-certified windows and skylights have the product features detailed below, which is why most professional window and residential siding contractors recommend investing in such products. These features are what make an ENERGY STAR window:

  • Low-emissivity glass – Low-E glass uses a transparent coating to reduce the amount of heat passing through it while still allowing light to pass through. This coating is nearly invisible on ENERGY STAR windows, but it’s still useful in reducing the U-value of the glass. 

    Keep in mind that U-value measures how well a window prevents non-solar heat loss or gain, so the lower the value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value. 

  • Multiple panes – ENERGY STAR windows typically have three or more panes for excellent energy efficiency, impact resistance and sound insulation. They’re filled with either air or gas, which provides much better insulation, and depending on which type of window you choose, some are filled with argon, krypton or other similar gases. 

Benefit: You’ll Save More On a Yearly Basis

Installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows, doors and skylights from a window and deck replacement specialist like Eagle Creek Siding  can lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprints by an average of 12 percent nationwide compared to non-certified products. That means you’ll save $27 to $197, or about 13 to 102 gallons of gasoline per year when replacing double-pane and clear glass windows.

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